Posted on Dec 13, 2018

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Mobile Car Detailers Tell How to Remove a Dealership Decal

Car dealer decals can be a great way for a dealership to advertise, however, they aren’t the most attractive accessory for your vehicle. They can also be a pain to remove. If you’d like to improve your car’s appearance by getting rid of the ugly dealership decal on your car, this is the process you can follow.

Before you’re able to remove the decal from your vehicle, the first step is to thoroughly clean the area around it. This will prevent any dirt from the area around the decal from causing damage to your paint as you clean off the adhesive. You can simply wash the area with warm soap and water.

Taking the Decal Off
The trick to getting a decal to come off of your vehicle cleanly is to remove it under the correct conditions. Any type of heat will help you to soften the adhesive, making the decal itself easier to remove. Although it may depend on how firmly your sticker is attached, it may be possible to just wait for a sunny, warm day. However, if it’s still too difficult, you can also use your hair dryer to heat up the glue and loosen the decal.

After the glue is pliable, you can begin to try removing the decal. It’s important to take the time to do this slowly. If you cannot peel the decal off using only your fingers, you may want to try a gentle tool like a piece of dental floss, a plastic kitchen spatula, or an old credit card.

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