Posted on Dec 20, 2018

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Tips On Keeping Vehicle Trade-In Value High

Getting a new car is always a fun experience. Perhaps the main downside, however, is the rapid manner in which new cars begin to depreciate. The fact is that even highly desired models drop roughly 10 percent in value the moment they are driven off of the dealer's lot and lose another 10 percent of value after the initial year of use. The first four years of a car's life can see a decline in value of about 60 percent, with less desirable vehicles dropping even further.

Of course, this data can vary under different sets of circumstances, but the good news is that there are steps that may be taken to keep the trade-in value of a car as high as possible. The following ideas can help significantly.

Having the car cleaned with professional grade cleaning solvents is great, but this is not all that can be done. Techniques used by professional car detailers can make all the difference in keeping the resale value high. Thorough cleaning on a regular basis can stave off the emergence of rust, paint fading, and other key problems.

Proper Maintenance
Dealers will want to be able to show used car shoppers that they car they are considering has been well cared for and has lots of life remaining. Smart consumers request maintenance records when contemplating a used car purchase.....

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