Posted on Dec 13, 2018

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Black Or White: Which Car Color Will Get Dirtier Faster?

Passionate car owners love having their ride clean and polished, but there are those that just don’t seem to give a flip about how their vehicle looks on the outside until some joker comes along and finger-writes WASH ME on the side or hood. That’s not most people though, so you’re not likely to ever find that written on your windshield. Some car owners are so rigid that they clean and wax their ride every single weekend. You’re most likely in the middle, as you probably only do it about once a month. If so, you’re like the average car owner.

It’s because of things like this that the color of a car is an essential factor when you buy a vehicle. Specific colors might appeal to you more than others, and each has its own aesthetics. Over time, though, the feelings your car gives you will fade away, and your ride is going to get dirty. If you’re like most other drivers, you want to keep the thrill and excitement that comes with the clean, shiny, polished look like you remember seeing in the showroom. This is when it occurs to you that only hard work is going to keep your car clean.

A Matter Of Black And White

Keeping a car clean has led to an ongoing debate about whether black or white is the better color choice for a car. Trends in picking car colors suggest that white is the most popular, followed by silver and then black. On the other hand, trends are sometimes misleading.

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