Posted on Dec 20, 2018

Total Car Detailing

Two Ways Of Cleaning Interior Car Carpets From Home Part 2

Second Method: Steamer, Carpet Attachment, and Griot's Garage Polisher
Also, this is a completely different car. I sped it up 4x to not bore you and keep you waiting for too long.

Here I am using the polisher and steamer with the carpet attachments. To break the main stains up I use my steamer. Then I used the cleaner to saturate the area and agitate the carpets using a 6-inch Griot's Garage polisher and carpet brush attachment.

This is of course for the professionals, more advanced detailers, or those who simply want to get very serious with the detailing on their own personal vehicles. I am using the McCulloch 1385 steamer now to agitate the mats further.

It can make a big difference between using a 6-inch Griot's Garage polisher and carpet attachment and an upholstery brush that I used in the previous method. It is much easier to have a machine do the work for you.

You won't get as easily fatigued since you aren't putting as much down pressure in. Instead, the machines do all of the work you and all you have to put down is around one to two pounds worth of down pressure and it will take care of anything else.

Especially when you have a steamer and being able to break heavier stains up. It definitely will help you a great deal......

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